I’ll call this, “FirstAid v1.0”

Well, I thought of collecting some portable applications and kick’em in a flash drive so I could use it on whatever computer running Windows…

I decided to call this project “FirstAid” since it’s some softwares added in a flash to do mostly network-related checks and tasks…

It has mostly network-related tools and programs such as nmap, PuTTy and Wireshark… I’ll be upgrading this project every now’n’then…

Click here to download the file compressed in 7z format (Yes, I kinda like annoying formats 😛 ) …

6 thoughts on “I’ll call this, “FirstAid v1.0”

  1. I know this is not the place to say this but I like the new themes……I think what’s ur trying to do is to make a special theme for every day so that no one can know that this is your site,right?
    Is that the reason why u change it everyday ?

  2. this is a pretty good theme, u know?
    unfortunately It’s gonna be gone by the end of tommorow , right loolykinns?

  3. Long Hair Dude, I was trying to find a place to compliment the new theme, and since u’ve made it here I’ll do the same too hehehe!!

    Yeah congs for the new theme, excited for what’s next!

    Regardin’ ur “FirstAid” thingy, good idea but u need to update it over time though, ganbaremasu!! XD

  4. wow u know Japanese……and by the way it’s “ganbarimasu” not ganbaremasu …and I will do my best….thanx for the cheering.

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