How to stream a stream

OK so I had this scenario where I want to listen to this Trance stream.

I don’t stay in one place and don’t use just one device (And I enjoy listening to music while showering).
So why should I stream to my N900, HP laptop, Sony laptop and my computer? If each downstreamed with 128Kbps bitrate, you can assume you’d be consuming 512Kbps downstream on repeated data.
So why not stream to my computer and let that computer stream to the rest?

Here’s a tutorial I wrote showing you step by step on how to do that using VLC. It’s easy.

Link to tutorial

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On a side note, I realized that N900 is water resistant. I took it to shower and IMed my friends and kept on adjusting the volume under the shower.
it’s water resistant, not water-dip resistant. So you’re probably safe with splashes not sinking.

I’m not encouraging this action, I’m just sharing an experience 😛