How to make a burger that will eat other burgers!!

OK, I just got back to work, arrived early, sat there, I don’t know what website did I check where I read “This burger will eat your burger”…

I got curious thinking that there might be a slight chance of seeing some movie of a burger eating other burgers and get bigger and it ends up in your belly… Fortunately, I was wrong 😛

The video below will show you how to make the “Ultimate Burger” that, even though I just had food, I still wanna dig that burger…

I kinda laughed watching that movie, yet seriously, I’m considering making my own burgers from now on (That’ll take few years to actually start accomplishing 😛 )… Who knows, maybe start my own burger chain somehow 😛

2 thoughts on “How to make a burger that will eat other burgers!!

  1. damn thats one hella of a burger
    we usually get fresh burgers from the butcher here,
    i am going to experiment in the kitchen for a while…

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