How not to get in jail in Canada…

Its been a while since I blogged anything, so I hope I didn’t lose my touch… Here we go…

See the fat bad guy above? He got released from jail because of his weight…

Canadian prison authorities released him from his 5-years-sentence due to his over weight… His bed was small that his body goes beyond the bend’s edges 6-inches in both sides and he just didn’t fit in his chair…

That was nothing but luck!! If there’s a reason to be fat, it’d be this… Though I doubt it’ll work here in Kuwait… I’m sure they’ even give him smaller and tighter chair’n’bed so he could suffer 😛 … It’s Kuwait after all

Click here to read the REUTERS article.

6 thoughts on “How not to get in jail in Canada…

  1. they r stupid(canadian police) release someone just because he’s to fat what if he was a criminal and he started killing people again what will they do ?

  2. A close read of the article shows the man has been incarcerated for 25 months. In Canada time spent in jail before sentencing is worth double time versus one’s sentence so he spent 21 months precustody worth 42 against the 60 he got in he slammer. Then in jail from May is another 5 months.
    In Canada 1/3rd of one’s sentence is immediately knocked off for good behaviour in thecan and 1/3rd can be used for parole of various types, daytime under accompaniment, daytime while living in a “halfway house” or full parole while readjusting to life in society.
    I guess you’re right, that is a difference between Canada and Kuwait. We make an effort to rehabilitate and return someone to society. But sadly we are not above mocking someone and spreading around his picture because he’s seriously overweight and people with an agenda of making our prison system more vindictive, perhaps on your Kuwaiti model, think the public exposure will advance their agenda.
    At all events, the man has spent more time behind bars than a similar social deviant might expect to do in Canada. There’s nothing amiss here. Under the rules he should have been released.

  3. I wonder Johnny if you would be so keen on defending this man if he were a rapist or not some amateur criminal with a petty crime on his name.

    Time and time again do we see ‘rehabilitated’ criminals doing the same things that made them wind up in prison in the first place.

    That isn’t the case here or at least it’s not as rampant as it is in the West due to our supposedly harsher justice system.

    If you rape someone or kill someone not out of self-defense/a just reason, then in my book you deserve to be executed no questions asked.

    Let me know if you change your mind when you’re face to face with a blade of cold steel pressed up against your throat.

    I’m sure he just wanted to show you some of the hair-styling skills he learned in the prison’s rehabilitation program.

  4. Johnny Canuck:
    rehabilitation is not the case in here… It’s the fact that they released him due to over weight… It’s something really weird…

    Thanks for filling in

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