Home made phoods!! POWDER!!

This might sound like an advertise or something… But, I don’t really care… Her stuff are AMAZING!!!

I’m a chocolate freek… I love chocolate to the point that even some friends bribes me with chocolate!!! I don’t like Pancakes… I used to hate’em with passion fruit!!

But now things have changed… Well, not really, it’s just that she’s an exception…


Seriously people, just looking at the pictures makes you drool (Well, I did)… Her stuff might not be the best, but her stuff are pretty amazing…

I used to eat such sweet and amazing stuff so slowly to make it last longer to enjoy it more… Now, I just eat like crazy that I don’t realize that I haven’t finished what I’ve ordered!!!

I’m not good at explaining how it good it is, but seriously… It IS amazing… Even amazing isn’t enough to describe it…

If you’re curious and want to try her stuff, just Click Here and visit her Facebook page to place orders… Pictures are below…

8 thoughts on “Home made phoods!! POWDER!!

    I thought this site is “dedicated to Kuwait’s geekism”…
    I don’t mind food, but this is just too much!
    dude, i come here to get my daily dosage of geeky news (computers and electronics) and not to get food ads. no offense POWDER

  2. Well, she’s a great friend of mine… I thought I should give her a hand since I’m having alot of visitors…

    Apology to everyone for violating my own rules =P

  3. dude i dont mind …i mean seriously if powder is getting this message my friend U are AWESOME and great ! i mean people making food like this are people that are priceless…speacial …cooooooool 😛

    dude i fricking almost drooled …the chocolate looks so beautiful that i almost ate the monitor xP
    well… subce u havent seen u in a long time dude.. i say take care 😉 😀

  4. are you sure its just the monitor? 😛

    just kidding dude… why don’t you order her stuff and try’em out for yourself?

  5. hmm….. thanks i sure will but since im living in mubarak al kabeer i guess i need to wait for the delivery to be able to come over here

  6. Powderpan:
    No thankies… I always enjoy that stuff *drool again*

    move to a friend’s place and order some!!

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