Here! Listen to your iPod while I open your skull and start messing!!

Gavin Brooke, a teenager from UK, had to plug his iPod and talk to his surgeons while they mess with his head removing a hard brain tumor…

As one of the surgeons stated that he needs the patient to stay awake while they remove the tumor, so he gave him the iPod to listen to his sonfs and kept talking to him for the six hours of operation…

The first song that Gavin listened to was Apologize by Timbaland, featuring One Republic (Awwww :P).

I really like the way the doctors thought… And I wonder if the Kuwaiti version would be “Let him listen to Khalid Al-Mulla or Al-Mu6rif” or “Just tune the radio to FM 88.8, 99.7 or 103.7”

Click here to read more about it in CNET’s article.

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