Help me out guys, start voting for me please =D

OK, so Microsoft is running this “Give an idea, and if it hits, you get $5,000 and we’ll write the app for free!” campaign…

Honestly speaking, I don’t really care about th… Who am I kidding, I do want to get that cash. But then again, my idea is great.

I proposed a “Unit Converter” idea where you put unit type, have two boxes with related units where you write in one and it converts to the other.

Please, whether you like it or not, clicking would help me =D

Click here to help me with the votes.

2 thoughts on “Help me out guys, start voting for me please =D

  1. what you’re doing here defeats the purpose of voting. you do know that, don’t you 😉
    votes should be given based on how good the idea is, not on the number of readers that read your blog. that said, I just voted because i think a universal (with custom units) converter is a great tool to have.. if i ever had the misfortune to own a windows based mobile. lol.

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