HAWX 2… I’m disappointed…

Due to the fact that I slipped in the bathroom and hurt my back (Thank god I have a fat ass, or else I could’ve broke something), I had to stay in for Eid and play HAWX 2. So, عيدكم مبارك وعساكم من عواده … ماكو عيدية يلا مناك…

So anyway, I played HAWX and it wasn’t entertaining at all.

By common sense; HAWX 2 (Which is available on PS3 and XBOX360) should be better, right? But to me, it totally is not!

Truth to be said,
there are few fun things I enjoyed, like the satellite spying and shooting, AC-130 missions, precision missiles and all. But that’s just about it.

Story-wise, there’s betrayal just like the first HAWX, but in a major scale. The story is a bit interesting because you see both US, UK and Russia work together at few points.

The sad part is the game itself sucked to my standards;
Graphics were utterly bad and can get slow when you get near explosions. That, and the scenes aircrafts movements are just sluggish and just retarded, you can see the aircraft flying in lines rather than curves.
And some missions are sort of copied from Ace Combat (Low-fly canyon maneuvers and going inside tunnels and tight areas).

Controls are good and bad. Because I got used to Ace Combat, “X” and “O” button are reverse in functionality. For example; “X” shoots missiles in HAWX while it shoots gun in Ace Combat (And it’s the other way around in “O” button). That’s OK, it’s something I can over come by time (But don’t think I’ll be playing it after finishing the game).

Other than that, I hate the fact that you’re considered touching the ground even if you’re really far away from it.
I mean, in the last mission, you’re supposed to go inside a tunnel, blow up a warhead then come out of the other end. Sneeze and you crash because nudging the aircraft would cause it to crash. Might be over-expressing the sneeze thing, but really, go a bit lower and you’ll see the aircraft nosing down to it’s crash.

Ubisoft and Tom Clansy, you disappoint me 🙁

If you’re an Ace Combat guy and you’re anticipating that god damn awesome flight game, don’t waste time and money on HAWX 2; go play MW2.

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  1. sorry to hear about ur back but if it makes it any better i know a few people who wish to be in ur situation >.>

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