GTX 590 Released, Worlds Fastest

Nvidia released their newest graphics card, the GTX 590, just recently and it is claimed to be the worlds fastest.

GTX 590 Fan

Created by two Fermi chips on a single card their claim might not be too far from reality. Specs are out of this world.

1024 Cuda Cores
3GB of GDDR5
6 Billion transistors.

It also includes 4 video outouts for a quad monitor setup or a Tri Monitor 3D setup.

Sli 2 of these beasts and you get a Quad SLI computer.

With all those specs you would expect the graphics card to be as loud as a Mustang with a bad exhaust, yet it is claimed to be as quite as a library (48dB).

And the price is not too bad. only $700 (expect that price to be much higher in Ibn Khildoon street though) its relitavly cheep for a brand new card.

Nvidia I salute you.


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