GTX 480 RELEASED… but a disappointed

All praises to silicon that team green released their fermi architecture graphics chip (mentioned previously here)

However i took it upon myself to research the new card and frankly …. what the hell is up with you Nvidia!

Nvidia used to be (well in my case at least) the best when it comes to graphics cards, better technology, better frame rate, better pricing, better power consumption, and at least better drivers.

This new card is more than just late compared to HD5970 release, frame rate difference is minimal and pricing is crazy, the card sucks power like a hoe sucks a *censored*

I’m sorry Nvidia but this battle has been won by red team.

Lets at least hope that this brings down prices of GPU’s


4 thoughts on “GTX 480 RELEASED… but a disappointed

  1. Even though I’m not much of a gamer, I can’t help feel disappointed. after reading the article at engadget, it really did seem to suck way to much power. but when you think about it, these cards are more like dedicated motherboards then expansion cards. so power consumption could be justified. still, it’s too much.

    but look on the bright side, the sexy hair video clip made up for it

  2. I am really curious right now as to what is the best/current/affordable vga card that’s out there in the market right now?

  3. I like Nvidia. They always release updated drivers for Linux (even though its not open source)
    but it works nonetheless. ATI should learn a thing or two from them and release some damn drivers already.

  4. Its been like that for a while, but the problem is that AMD does not have any game support.

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