Got raped, then drove the rapist to the Police!!

Ok, if this shows anything, it will be two things; men are too simple and dumb, and women are too complicated and smart…

Here’s the scenario:

A rapist raped a woman in the back seat of his car… Then he let her drive her so he could take a nap… So she took him to the Police Station (Auckland Central Police Station)…

Alright… She’s brave enough to actually take him there without him noticing and without her freeking out that he’d wake up and re-rape her if he found out… And he’s idiot enough to let her take control of the car and take a nap thinking that she wouldn’t do anything against him…

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11 thoughts on “Got raped, then drove the rapist to the Police!!

  1. Many, many victims have fooled their rapists. Rape is about power, and these victims (they are sometimes men or boys) keep their heads and find a way to use the rapist’s vanity against him. They gather evidence, write down license numbers, memorize locations, names, etc.

  2. but i don’t remember a rapist being fooled THIS WAY!!… actually, the rapist was a fool to let her take the wheel 😛

  3. maybe he know her before he rapid her, that’s why he let her drive. or because he’s incredibly stupid.(lol)

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