I was reading C for Dummies when I got this evil idea about the  “Yes” command(this command repeats a string until killed, in other words an infinite loop). The idea was “What would happen if I used yes and made it saves the output in a text file?”. I opened my terminal and typed “yes kewl>file.txt” … It was a very bad idea!


I was freaked out, shouting “WAT! WAT!” Seeing a 2GB txt file in front of me, knowing my computer became the slowest PC ever existed, also seeing my System Monitor gone CRAZY!

Processor, Memory, Swap, System Load, Disc
Processor, Memory, Swap, System Load, Disc

The other problem that I faced; when I tried to open the 2GB .txt file, right click –> open with gedit. It was a disaster!! My PC got even slower than the time when I wrote the yes command. I pressed the Alt+F2 immediately to get the “Run Application” window, but It was too slow, after a moment of silence & peace-waiting for my computer to do something- It was opened, I typed “xkill” (this command turns your mouse pointer into a killing tool once you click on a window), I clicked on gedit; It disappeared, but my System Monitor said it’s still opened (it didn’t lie). Luckily I found an opened functioning terminal in one of my other worksapces, Finally I got my hands free allover again once I typed “Killall -9 gedit” and hit the enter key. IT WAS A RELIEF!!

You know, it might be useful in the future; you might need a large text file to try something on it, just like the time me and SIGTERMer needed one to know how far Haxorizer and HaxorGoo could go (as in the largest size of a text file could be converted).

At the end, I’d say you should try it, you’ll experience some good stuff.

I’m thinking of doing the same process tonight before going to bed and leave it, BUT THE PROBLEM IS I’M GONNA RUN OUT OF SPACE!! I wonder what will happen?!

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