Google Images – a new feature

Google Image Search engine has been recently upgraded; adding a new option for searching images(other than image sizes selection and the faces/photo/line-drawing selection) … they’ve added a color selection; meaning when you want to search for images, you can specify the color of an image (of course not a full image of a single color, cuz that’ll be dumb!! ). And by ” you can specify the color of an image” i mean: to choose the (majority) color in a single image, this might be helpful a lot! … I know you wouldn’t understand until you see an example, here look below,


as you can see, yes you can select a color (Red/Orange/Yello/Green/teal/blue/purple/pink/white/gray/black/brown), you might be saying right now “and how would that help?” the answer is the following example: if you wanted a picture of a mother board, not any color, you need a BLUE one (click here). another examples for gamers, hmmm …a GREEN PS3?!

See this will help; instead of clicking on “Next page” till you fnd the wanted color, you can easily do this! simple eh?!

Enjoy Gooooooooooogling images!

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