Google’s Chrome OS

Google announced that they will make their own Operating System, which is called “Chrome OS”. It’ll be released in the second half of 2010. Google had to take some major decisions and one of them was a great one; Chrome OS will be based on the Linux Kernel. The web is Google’s OS primary concern, adding to that the netbooks. By this way, netbooks will get a great boost.

Chrome OS will have Google chrome as its main web-browser of course. And since Chrome OS is based on Linux, Google Chrome web-browser will be developed for their OS and for other Linux OSs in the mean time. As for the viruses, No there will be no such headache; as Google said. They are claiming that it’ll be 100% safe for all users. As for the Desktop apps, we all know that the majority uses Windows applications, therefore, Google will try to make Chrome OS able to use any Windows application (Wha!!!), the weird thing is they will be depending on WINE. We all know WINE, it isn’t perfect at all, and a huge number of programs doesn’t work well with it, so Google announced that they will be developing WINE to reach its limit of perfection (yeah, i’d like to see that). Now one of Google’s main objectives is trying to make Chrome OS attracts all users, leaving their other OSs behind (Windows, Mac, and other Linux  OSs) switching to Chrome OS once it’s released.

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  1. huh, you’ll have to wait for a w h i l e!! I probably will try it since i have tried every single OS (I consider that sickness, but that’s what I do)!!

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