Get the paid SoftMaker office suite for free NOW!

SoftMaker is giving away their corss-platform – Linux & Windows – paid office suite for free! Not only that, but it also provides a set of fonts for free as well! However, that will no longer be accessible after the next 10 days!

Wait there is more! If you thought that’s the deal, then you’re wrong; there is also another thing they’re after and accomplish once you download! … donation! For every successful download, they donate to charity!

Even if you think Open/Libre/MS Office is enough for you and there is no need to get another office suite, I think you should at least give it a try and/or download it to help charity!

So … enter you email and get it NOW!


– Linux & Windows –

5 thoughts on “Get the paid SoftMaker office suite for free NOW!

    1. Honestly, I tried only the office suite, … I didn’t like it since it has some major problems with Arabic! Got the fonts downloaded, but will look at them later; I don’t use fonts a lot, monospace alone is enough for me! 😀

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