Ga6u Athwal: v0.1.1

Alright, so I decided to make a game out of my beloved قطو أثول. I know I’m supposed to polish monochromePainter, but I figured I want to make this now and push it out of my system, then go back to improving monochromePainter.

The game will be like the following:

  • Power ups: Like, pepper to make it shoot fire balls or coffee to make it do shit faster
  • Mutations: Each mutation will make the cat turn to something a قطو أثول mutation and change the background accordingly. Like, if it was “قطو أثول ديناصول”, it’ll change city to jungle.
  • Energy bar: There will be energy bar that depletes as you go and you charge them by eating something.
  • Scoring system: Which involves ramming into stuff to gain score (Which will deplete your energy even faster).
  • Sound effects: I’ll be recording my own voice BECAUSE KEEFY!!

Any way, here’s an initial alpha release of the game. Give it a spin if you like to see how it’d turn like


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