From Xbox360 to Military? Microsoft wouldn’t think so..

I just imagined some kid yelling “OMG!! SOMEONE JUST SHOT MY DAD!!” playing MW2 and then respawn somewhere…

You probably know that USA’s military are training their troops using PC games (So you don’t have to wonder why American soldiers are bunny-hopping instead of walking\running). But they wanted to take it to another level by switching to Xbox360 when Microsoft said “NO!” for the following reasons (Not in order though):

1) Console shortage due to over demand.
2) Buying crap load of consoles with a single game per console isn’t much of a profit.
3) Bad reputation. You don’t want your kid to spend his time with a device that trains military… Really, they’d shoot you one day with a marshmallow gun if you don’t hand them candy somewhere in near future!

I wonder if this actually happened in Kuwait. I’m quite sure Kuwait Police will buy Xbox360 and kick in GTA, Forza for our driving schools, MW2 and Ace Combat 6 for military, Rababa Hero (FUCK! Now I wish this game exists!) for music institutes and FIFA\Winning Eleven for our football sport clubs (Yet they’ll still suck) =P


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