Forget the 7 layers of BK’s whopper… This kicks ass!!

Disregarding the touch difficulties there, I can safely assume that THIS is the BEST software release event so far!

Now back to reality, that Japanese dude’s fingers are so tiny that the touch isn’t working well… That, or its some hardware\software failure… (We’ve seen some excellent touch demonstrations on Windows 7, so I doubt it’s a Microsoft-side issue… Probably some drivers\hardware problem).

Back to fun mode, I wonder what would Steve Jobs version of this would be? 😛
Because I’m quite sure that Linux version would be a huge penguin fighting a huge fish then end up eating it 😛

7 thoughts on “Forget the 7 layers of BK’s whopper… This kicks ass!!

  1. it’s just like i-phone which means they stole the good stuff from mac and mixed them with windows…and not to mention the huge humiliation in front of everybody in the world….windows 7 started on a bad japanese start.

  2. there r two ways to watch this without subtitles:
    either to watch a thousand Japanese animes or to learn the Japanese language it ‘s self.
    I don’t think they’re a subtitles for this one.

  3. iPhone? Stole the good stuff?

    Dude, the touch screen\interface existed way before iPhone…
    And the demonstration was made on HP hardware hence the bugs and glitches… Things would be totally different if the demonstration were made on LENOVO…

  4. lmao! another ms fail XD
    it’s obvious that you’re in love with Windows7 and i’m happy for you. really i am! but common “it’s the Japanese fault not microsoft’s”, seriously.
    and who do you spouse they’re marketing win7 for. hmmm? i guess half the Japanese can’t use a touch screen with win7.. that sucks.

    It’s a microsoft expo, so the possibility of hardware failure is almost neglectable (they can afford anything). if it’s software, then i guess win7 wasn’t ready for release after all.

    if I’m going to buy windows7, i’d probably hold off until sp1 is released.

    PS: i’m being completely objective here. your post is just too biased towards microsoft that i had to comment. your last comment proves it too 🙂

  5. It is biased!! Microsoft claimed my heart with Windows 7 😛

    Though they should’ve used Lenovo computers instead of that crappy cheap HP… Atleast they didn’t fail as hard as Windows 98 event 😛

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