Ford Sync now recognizes 10K voice commands.

Damn it, Ford!! Damn it!!

The video below shows an driver-car interaction and how it became easier than the previous Sync.

This system will be out on the new Ford Edge 2011.
Damn you Ford again… Now I’m confused whether I buy Cadillac or Ford… I just hope it doesn’t BSOD on me xD


2 thoughts on “Ford Sync now recognizes 10K voice commands.

  1. i have to ask, will this available in kuwait? is it even possible for a kuwait version? maps I can understand, but the ability to search for nearby stores seems a bit far fetched unless they allow community contributions.

    I wonder how long it’ll take until someone hacks it…

  2. Specially if the driver said “أبي دِيو ياولد” … I wonder if the Sync would bitchslap him xD

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