First full face transplant!?

Oh god! I can see it being misused and abused here in Kuwait…

Anyway, the patient had his face destroyed by a shooting accident. And 30 doctors successfully transplanted a whole face into his (Cheeks, muscles, bones, teeth, nose, lips… You name it) in a 22-hours operation.

Now I don’t feel like eating my cereal… NOT!!

Anyway, this is believed to be the first FULL face transplant operation. There’s few that occurred world wide and one of’em had %80 face transplanted, but this is just amazing.

Ofcourse, whoever knew the dude will poop their pant when they see him. And the patient will keep on chugging the anti-rejection meds for the rest of his life.

I’m quite sure people in here will pay millions just to submit a celebrity to donate his face, kill them and do a full face transplant just to get their face implanted (Which surely won’t look as exact as it were on the real owner)…


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