Finally! Windows 7 3G tablet!!

I’ll make it short…

Anyway, specs:
CPU: Atom N450
HDD: 160GB
Screen: 10″ Capacitive multitouch screen (I wonder if their CEO would bitch about Steve Job’s bitching about 7″ tablets because this tablet is 1″ bigger xD)
Others: USB, mini-VGA, 3G, Wifi a\b\g\n, 2 USB, Card reader and LAN (Seriously, why LAN?)

Maybe a bit thicker and all, but has Windows 7 Home Premium loaded and kicks really well =D
And hey, it’ll have a big chance to get hacked for Ubuntu Talbet xD

I shall wait and see… I might end up buying this baby too!


2 thoughts on “Finally! Windows 7 3G tablet!!

  1. looks like tablets are really starting to take off…
    all that because jobs decided to make an ipad. Hay steve, If you’re reading this, make a flying car next.

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