Fake Core i7s on the loose!

A major computer hardware retailer has been reported selling fake intel Core i7-920 CPUs recently. Normally, This doesn’t hold my attention for long. but what really grabbed me this time was how incredibly fake the thing was. take a look:

The next time you’re hunting for i7s in bin-khaldun, take the time to check if the thing actually has pins on it or not 😉


3 thoughts on “Fake Core i7s on the loose!

  1. OH this is just great! Now I have to be extra careful whenever I shop at Hawally Bin khaldoon Street. But I am more surprised that this guy received his icore7 from NEWEGG.com and they are known to be a good hardware online retail store. So I assume that shopping online is not even 100% guaranteed either.

  2. Actually, it’s rumored that IPEX (neweggs’ supplier) is to blame, although IPEX itself could also be a victim scammed by another company, which in turn, could have been scammed by yet another supplier.
    makes you wonder how long the list goes :/

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