Face Transplant!?

I just hope nothing like this happens in Kuwait for a silly reason 😛

A patient who had an injury that cost her an eye, nose and her upper jaw, got eight transplant specialists to transplant bone, blood vessles, nerves and muscles in 22 hours operation!!

She was able to get such treatment by replacing a female donor’s face…

I’m really surprised with such news. I mean, how great it is to donate your face for a needing stranger (Who knows… Could be a relative… But I’m assuming they’re totally strangers)… And how amazing it is to be able to pull such operation off with success…

I really hope nothing like this happens in Kuwait. Don’t get me wrong, I really hope no one gets such injury and\or the need to get such treatment. And I hope MOH (Wezarat Al-Ke77a) only refer to such treatment when it is extremly needed…

I mean, come on!! I’m sure someone would kill for a celebrity’s face… An to throw some names:
Halema Boland
Noor and Muhannad from that Turkish TV show
Abdullah Ruwaished
Maybe Bashar Al-Shatti (I know someone who’s obsessed about him)
Rabeh Saqer (I don’t know if someone would… But he’s a celebrity anyways :P)
Alisa (They’d go for body transplant too :P)
Nancy Ajram (Someone would need to cut their height to reach that :P)


You know we’re crazy enough to desire such thing and forget about our natural beauty we’ve been given by god…

Click here to read the BBC NEWS link.

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  1. If you follow the link (and maybe other links), you’ll see a conference held with one of the surgeons or whatever…

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