Face recognition is not enough to identify the user!?

I really laughed at how they bypassed such thing…

According to the Vietnamese Internetwork Security Center BKIS, they were able to bypass the face recognition authentication thingy with a funny method.

To summerize the whole thing (ofcourse I’ll provide the source link), it’ll be something like this:

1- Log in with your face picture
2- Talk to someone (who wants to steal your authentication) over MSN Messenger or whatever and open your webcam to him\her\it
3- That someone will take a picture of you using your webcam
4- That someone will print that picture and use it as your face to log in

As simple and funny as that :P… Even though it might be harder to actually fill in their place with such thing, but I really laughed at the picture above… Reminds me of Team Fortress 2’s spy 😛

That feature is provided in some Lenovo, Toshiba and Asus laptops…

More details can be found Here.

4 thoughts on “Face recognition is not enough to identify the user!?

  1. well, considering the difficulty of physically accessing someone’s laptop with a picture in his hand to take over his pc… yes its silly…

    but wouldn’t mind kicking a laugh or two 😛

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