Event: Team Fortress 2 Lan Party

Thanks to AlShaheed Park for giving us the opportunity to host both Minecraft Lan Party and Game Developers Meetup, we figured its time to move to something a bit different.

In 6th of November 2015, we’ll be hosting a 3 hours long Team Fortress 2 Lan Party in AlShaheed Park from 6pm to 9pm.

Details can be found here, or you can click on the “events” tab on top and choose “Team Fortress 2 Lan Party”

2 thoughts on “Event: Team Fortress 2 Lan Party

  1. Hi Mr q8Geek, Im interested to join this event. But Im new to this Team Fortress Game. Am I able to join even a beginner? i can bring my personal laptop. Just want to mingle, have fun and meet new friends here while living and working. Regards. Bon Jun

    1. Hello, Bon.

      Yes, you definitely can! All you have to do is install the game in your laptop and make sure everything is set up and come and join us!

      Don’t worry about being a beginner, I always get my butt kicked in this game. I just enjoy playing it and the fun that happens, I don’t care much about having a higher score.

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