Electronics expo @ KUNIV starts tomorrow!

To be honest, all i can get from this poster is that there will be an iSlavery day!! sponsored by Digits, heh!


Location: Farooq Al-Barqash hall
Date: 17-18-19 of May 2010
Time: 9am till 2pm

I really don’t know what the hell this is all about, but i’ll be there!

12 thoughts on “Electronics expo @ KUNIV starts tomorrow!

  1. ipad + iphone + what looks like a mac – sony camera? = wtf >.>

    also, that is one retarded expo.. who makes an expo from 9 am to 2pm.. they think people dont have work? >.>

  2. Dont forgot the logo of the killer ie!
    Well its for students so the time is pretty cinvenient, plus its for 3 days.

  3. 🙁 i really wish i had my “not an iSlave” shirt done!!

    @sig: I used my phone then uploaded it immediately cause i had a class!

    @eleet: geekah is right, it’s convenient for students!

    @geekah: !!! you got a ‘!’ !!!

  4. @Nut: i always have “!” on my name. Its how i write it. But it implies Excitement not Anxity 😛

  5. hah never noticed the IE logo, since i try to avert my eyes to anything that sucks way more than apple >.>
    im just wondering how somebody can think that poster is well done o.O

    also, if its an iExpo, and its not catering to the working society in Kuwait (you know, the people with money to buy the bloated prices they shove down our throats) .. then its fail ..

    PS: a Pfft goes out to the expo for all us working folk >.>

  6. Nope, not an iExpo, it’s an electronics expo (WTH?!! ELECTRONICS?!! IE?!!)

    They had a BIG ipad image on it because they know that we have a lot of iSlaves in kuwait, especially in KU!!!!

    “a recent YouGov survey showed that people in the middle east were the most likely to but the iPad, with 58% of respondents from the region claiming they would definitely or probably buy the device” — WINDOWS MIDDLE EAST MAGAZINE

    it’s called iSLAVERY!!!!

  7. no, apple is not the issue here. it’s people with way too much money.
    i say stop the 100KD per student right now and lower worker wages!
    (all the resulting extra money can be forwarded to me)

  8. it’s true, people are wasting their money on such expensive products because they got the money, and they didnt get it by effort! what comes fast goes fast(er)!!!

    BTW i just woke up 🙁 and missed my class, so i wont have any review on the expo! gonna go their tomorrow, insha2alla!

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