Eee Slate EP121 tablet

As much as I dislike ASUS, this is just insane!

I’m just going to write down the interesting keywords here, you dig up more if you’re more interested:
CPU: Core i5 (On a tablet!?)
Storage: 32GB or 64GB SanDisk SSD
Screen: Capacitive 12″ screen
Battery life: ~10 hours
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium (Though you can probably kick in whatever OS you like)

I’m only wondering how it handles heat and stuff… Hmmm… Oh yea, I think this have been demonstrated in Microsoft CES 2011 keynote


2 thoughts on “Eee Slate EP121 tablet

  1. True, but a tablet is not meant to be bloated you know… Just kick in your documents, some musics and some videos to keep you entertained…

    Other than that, refer to your desktop\laptop..

    Though kicking in Ubuntu is a good idea too!

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