Education in a BOX!

I was shopping over at Lulu Hyper Market this afternoon to pickup some Quaker Oats and thought I’d checkout some of my old favorite cereal brands on the way. The first cereal to catch my eyes was Cookie Crisps. I love Cookie Crisp because they taste ridiculously good with hot milk. But what I like even more is what Nestle did with the free gift. They actually added a BOOK! Yes a book! Inside the box! Without the whole ordering crap. Nestle’s is basing this marketing campaign on the movie debut of Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl.

Out of all the free gifts that I have seen today this beats them all. Simply because it is encouraging kids to read and to have fun by enjoying a nutritional cereal at the same time. Brilliant move Nestle! Probably the best marketing campaign for a free gift in the box I have seen today.

If you love Cookie Crisps and you have never read any of Roald Dahl books; your missing out on some classical childhood stories. Now is a good time to pick one up for yourself or for your kids. They’re running a series of three Roald Dahl books Fantastic Mr. Fox, George’s Marvelous Medicine and The Twits. I only wished they added James and the Giant Peach or The Witches along with these free wonderful book series.

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