E3 press conference is LIVE online… NOW


Just found out about this on Crysis’s twitter

click the Link above for a LIVE broadcast of the E3 press conference which is showing …. NOW!!!!

I am a little late and I just saw a baby attacking a guy in a space suit then getting its head blown off (Deadspace 2 I guess? )

Anyway check it out before it’s too late 🙂

Btw I’m making this a live blog post and editing as I go along

12.25:  EA L.A. and Dice working on Medal of Honor, Dice working on multiplayer and EA working on Single player

12.27:  multiplayer modes announced, showing a live demo of an Alpha stage multiplayer demo… looks too much like COD 6 but faster with more CQC (close quarters combat)

12.30: june 21 BETA !!!, oh and they used linkin parks new divide for the back song of the demo vid :p , october 12th is when the games gonna get released

12.32: GUN CLUB!!!!, members gain early access to specail content  GUNCLUB.EA.COM First reward VIP for BF bad company 2 for people who preorder MOH, Downloadable expansion pack for BF BC 2 with vietnam theme announced

12.35: EA sports :MMA game ( mixed martial arts ? ).

12.39: EA sports live broadcast which basically broadcasts ur game online and compete for prizes ( as well as trash talk ), PS announcer had canadian accent . Release on october 19th, oh and just got email from EA sports :p

12.42: EA Active 2, november 16th, its a game that uses the wii , Microsoft Kinect ( new name for project Natal ) and the ps3 to allows you to exercise at home while checking ur heart rate. My view just join a gym

12.46: The EA Active 2 thing has a feature which allows you to upload your stats online and compare to your friends…. Who wants everyone to know how badly are you slacking off :p

12.48: Madden NFL 11, they have Joe Montana there to present (No idea who he is but sounds like a famous person)

12.55: guy in a suit comes out and gives some philosophical questions while talking about sims 3

1.00: More people are working on the console ports than on the PC version


1.05: Drooling over gameplay vid, looks like its being run on an Xbox 360

1.06: Did i just see a command to KICK ! looks like their using F.E.A.R. 2 style cover system

1.08: Crysis 2 will have true 3d experience on all 3 systems, and their showing a 3D Demo (note to self… get 3d monitor as next upgrade)

1.10: HOLY CRAP I SEE PROPHET ( from first Crysis), and Cyborgs 🙂

1.12: Bullet storm ( new game announced to be released on Feb 22’nd ) , according to chick announcing its a “Blood  symphony” , Skill shot system “you do cool shit to unlock cool shit to do more cool shit ”

1.15: Gameplay vid, Voice acting is typical of a B-rated action movie, DID I JUST SEE HIM KICK A DOOR!!! ok they werent kidding about this game being over the top :S . oh and lots of rope climbing which from what i can see gives you points for the “skill shot” system… oh and guy got a boot to the face ( puts game on wish list JUST for that reason)

1.20: Games a mix of F.E.A.R. (slow mo effects ), Crysis (running around fast ), Borderlands (loads of guns), Left 4 dead(loads of zombies), and something else + a few dozen lame punch lines added to the mix, Oh its from Epic games ( explains the Unreal tournament feel i got )

1.21:Star wars The old republic (MMO), If i play this i’m going Sith :p.

1.23: Intro vid playing, usual overly cinematic video, epic voice over, and one EPIC battle

129: End of EA part. Time of IGN part

1.34: EA pass announcement using a guy in cape, yup i’m hating this feature ALOT!!! , basically doesnt allow you to buy used games for multiplayer unless you pay an extra fee

1.50: Killzone 3 after LOADS of gamer tips my IGN

1.55: back to IGN strategize… i’m going to bed

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  1. So that’s why the hell everybody’s talking about E3!!! Okay im on! thanks geek 🙂 now i can eat while watching something interesting!!!

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