Dunkin’ Donuts: Bye Bye

I passed by Dunkin’ Donuts near AL-Fanar to have that TANK OF COFFEE. I hate the place now… I seriously do.

OK, It’s cheap and their coffee is so bitter (which I kinda like), but it got a little messy.

For a start, the rest room; People go there to answer nature calls, so it gotta be clean.
The guys who work there are trying hard to keep it clean and I really appreciate it. BUT THE PEOPLE THERE ARE NASTY!!!

I mean, I have to clean the toilet’s seat if I wanted to use it. I don’t work there but I want to use clean facilities. And I don’t answer the call in a nasty way, I AIM AND PUT EFFORTS ON AIMING SO I WOULDN’T MESS THINGS OUT!!!!!

And then the people who comes here, I don’t have anything against Philipinoes at all. They’re nice, waaaaay too nice.
But, What the hell do you explain full of Philipinoes hanging around with desperate men (Americans, foreigners and even Kuwaities)? … I mean c’mon I can let that restroom cleaning thingy aside, but its annoying to wait standing for 10 minutes to actually order my coffee (which is usually served in 30 seconds) so that desperate guy flirts with the Philipino girl who works there (and she’s playing along…) while putting his arm around the Philipino girl who came along with him. I’m not pointing at the decent Philipinoes because I don’t mind’em at all (in fact, I sometimes work with’em and get things done pretty quick because we know how to deal with each others). THEY WERE THE GOLD DIGGER TYPE!!!

When I look around, they’re all Philipino gold diggers!

Now the smokers; I like the smell of donuts and bitter coffee (even when it gets cold). But sometimes I smell something annoying… CIGS!! I turn around and see this guy smoking and the “Smoking Area” sign with an arrow pointing to the upper floor is right infront of his eyes!! GO UPSTAIRS AND SMOKE THE SHIT YOU’RE SMOKING!!!! I ALREADY HAVE LUNG INFECTION AND I DONT SMOKE!! THANKS TO YOU SMOKERS!!!

Do I have to go and tell’em to stop smoking or go upstairs to smoke? well I did and they got a little pissed but they went upstairs forcefully (the staff made’em… thanks for the support). Just go upstairs and smoke whatever you want! Just don’t force me to be a 2nd hand smoker!

This place starts giving me the creeps!!! I think I’ll switch to Caribou Coffee at the Free Trading Zone.

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