Dude, my bike’s kernel paniced and I lost control! Damn it!!

Y’know, I think I just found what’s hotter than “chicks behind wheels”… Which is, “Laptop as wheels” 😛

Mavizen’s TTX02, an electric bike that has a dedicated IP access, webserver and WiFi module…

So here’s an interesting thought: Attach a crappy webcam from Hawalli for 2KD, install VIVA 3G dongle, go drive around gulf street like an idiot and stream your trip (Until you trip over something so we all could have a good laugh)…

And on the other hand (If it came to Kuwait), someone is probably going to install mIRC and MSN Messenger and start chatting while setting up the bike on the front wheel standing and drinking coffee…

Now I can imagine SIGTERMer driving that and going “FUCK!! Kernel Panic!! I CAN’T STOP!!!!” and by some random coincidence, Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s song “Can’t Stop” starts playing in loud speakers 😛


2 thoughts on “Dude, my bike’s kernel paniced and I lost control! Damn it!!

  1. “random coincidence”..
    If that happens, and that song starts playing, I’ll know you’re somehow behind it.

    besides, you can always add another board running a secondary system for redundancy. assuming they haven’t done that already.

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