DS + Linux = :)

For those who are suffering from a miserable mistake … which is buying a DS! (man, love that!)

Just knew about a good thing, a thing that’ll make those miserable people HAPPY.

… you can install LINUX on a DS…. but DON’T expect that it’ll be easy!

As I read, It’ll need some work, but if you managed to install it, you will be able to use the stupidly used WiFi to use the internet (Internet Web Browser), and Yes there is a GUI!

To read more about this topic follow this link: www.dslinux.org

have a look at this video:

8 thoughts on “DS + Linux = :)

  1. But they haven’t done anything that good yet, all they did is that ububtuPSP which is not an OS that you would like to have, cause it is just like the psp’s OS but a different environment!

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