7 thoughts on “Drunk dude lost his iPhone prototype

  1. It wound never be the same here in kuwait! If found it’ll be like “OH YEAH, I GOT AN IPHONE FOR FREE”!!

  2. I’ve checked out the news on this. probably one of the best news pieces I have read in a long time. not to mention Gimondo is getting a lot of web views. As for Gary, I really feel his pain and I don’t want Apple to fire him because of that mistake. it can happen to anyone.

  3. Steve Jobs is known for his douche baggery and ass holeness, he will get fired. sad but true.

  4. then I’l go and fire steve jobs…no really I will and if i cant then I’m gonna fire him for real with my shotgun

  5. thats even more humiliating and he wont be able to enjoy it not to mention peole will laugh at him

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