Don’t laser me bro!!

Well, that’s what I could think of when I read the post…

Anyways, I’ll just quote what’s in the post:

The problem is that the GBD-III is not intended to dazzle. The makers say call it “the most powerful military grade visible lasers available” and “used for weapon aiming or marking targets for fire support.” They quote a Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance (NOHD) of 1,460 meters: in other words, the GBD-III laser can potentially cause eye injuries if used on anyone up to almost a mile away. (By contrast the CHP laser dazzler has an NOHD of 45 meters.) And it’s easy to see how accidents could happen with this type of laser without thorough training.

If there’s something I learned, it will be that dinosaurs are more lethal with lasers!!

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