For god sake… Wait In Line!!

Well it’s the time of the year… AGAIN! And Everyone will eventually get the common cold. I love our ministry of health and the kind of service that they provide however the one thing that really annoys me is when people start bashing in the doctors office as if they own the damn place and telling the doc to give them a checkup EVEN THOUGH THERE IS A PATIENT SITTING THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!! Dammit! I’m just curious, if you were waiting in line like everyone else and some douche bag goes ahead of you and bashes at the doctors office. How would you feel about it and what kind of action are going to take?


2 thoughts on “For god sake… Wait In Line!!

  1. well.. i know how it feels and the worse thing is when you have some recommended patients eli think them selves enh they own the world not the place when they tell you how to work or what to prescribe !

  2. Oh yea! Definitely. The doctors job is to tell what kind of illness you have and what kind of drug prescription you should be getting. But instead what these people do is tell the doctor what kind of medicine they should be getting when the doc him/herself has already prescribed the correct medication and treatment in the first place.

    However, IF the doctor was to make a mistake the logical thing to do is two things. First note down the name of the doctor that has examined you. Because each doc have a different time shift. Second, it is your job to carry and bring in your previous prescribed medications and show it to the doctor that the medicine that was given to you before has little or no effect.

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