Diamond thermal paste!!

I just had this weird imaginary scene where an extreme geek (Not me, I swear… Atleast not in this scene), runs outta thermal paste so he sneaks up to his mom’s jewelery, crush’em and dust’em, mix some silicon grease and use’em as thermal paste (That’s why I said not me, I love mommy)…

Anyway, the real thing is somehow similar to my imaginary scene…

Jared Bouck wanted to make some thermal paste, so he ordered some diamond powder, silicon grease, some sort of mixer he made, added everything together and viola! A better thermal paste (I wonder what would happen if he added a dragon whisker and some frog’s legs… WADOMOO3AKI WADUMOO3O JADDATIIII *For those who’s familiar with Kabamaro :P* )

Anyway, the guy was able to achieved 38c compared to the normal 57c with normal thermal paste.

Click here to read the Hackaday related post.

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