DevDay 2010 on December 25th

Long story short,

DevDay will carry on Windows Phone development workshop.

You’d win HTC HD7 if you submitted a localized app.
You’d win XBOX360 4GB + Kinect if you submitted a web app running on Windows Server 2008.

Should be fun (Considering how fun things were at BarCamp Kuwait 2010).

For more details, please check out Ahamshay’s page

7 thoughts on “DevDay 2010 on December 25th

  1. had it been for android and LAMP servers, then maybe.

    Somehow, I have a feeling someone at microsoft will read this. That’s why I’m going to say this: Forget being hip and cool, just write your sorry excuse of software software better next time. That way, bitter people like me will become less and less common.

    a traumatized person who had to deal with your screw ups.

  2. I’ve written better software. many people have.

    The very fact that I used to fix their lousy software means I was writing better code than they were.

    Besides, why are taking a defensive position? Have you worked with their software under the hood? probably not. I have, and it’s horrible. I can finally understand why people make programming jokes about microsoft.

  3. Oh wait, you mean, you did better softwares than Microsoft?

    I am curious, can you link me please?

  4. You’re lucky, I still have my contract in fornt of me 🙂
    Unlucky for you, 2 articles in my contract (specifically, the 10th and 11th) forbid me from spilling company secrets or code. sorry.

    if it makes you feel better, I’m honestly not lying about Microsoft’s code. It really is that bad. Can’t you just take my word for it?

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