Dell Mini 9 with GPS!?

I started to like Dell Mini 9 the way I like Asus EeePC…

One of the reasons I like EeePC is the ability to hack it up with great stuff… Now Dell Mini 9 is almost the same…

Tom Beauchamp stuffed his Dell Mini 9 with a USB GPS receiver… The guy is providing instructions and images for this hack…

Click here to check the Engadget link.
Click here to check the MyDellMini Forum link.

3 thoughts on “Dell Mini 9 with GPS!?

  1. despite getting the 5v from a source that might not have been designed to support a USB device, if the power was taken directly from the power supply and i HAD a mini9 and a FREE GPS service connection… I would do it 🙂

  2. SIGTERMer:
    I think I’ll start digging some money and buy Dell Mini 9 and that GPS thingy…

    Good combo for WarDriving =P

    long hair dude:
    Acer Aspire One is good… But for some reason I do not like (though I wouldn’t mind having one)… Maybe because its just Acer

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