Daigo Umehara The Beast is Coming to Kuwait! – Update 2!

The events that we receive from Japan coming to Kuwait couldn’t get any better. Before it was Mr. Go Nagai creator of the famous Grendizer series and now **Announcer** HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!!” the legendary hardcore Street Fighter gamer Daigo Umehara A.K.A The Beast is coming to Kuwait!! It’s all thanks to the good people of White Towers (Kuwait Top Arcade Plaza) for bringing Daigo. This special event will feature a Q&A session segment, casual Super Street Fighter IV Matches and a CHALLENGE with Daigo himself and more!!!

Location Time & Date:

This event will be held on Friday November 26th at the Ahmad Tower located in the Arabian Gulf Street which is right across from Platinum Gym from 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM.


Entry Tickets:

  • 10 KD. Covers all activities in the event except for the Daigo Challenge.
  • Tickets are sold at the White Tower arcade, Game Center (Rehab Complex) and Al-Markaz an All Kuwaiti store at (Rehab Complex).

Daigo Challenge Tickets:

  • 5 KD per ticket covers a personal match against Daigo Umehara with the standard 3 rounds.
  • Tickets are likely to be sold on-site (unknown at the moment) but will be updated in future posts or q8geeks forums.

Final Note

A tournament will be taking place few days before the Daigo exhibition hosted by White Towers team and will be announced shortly. The winner of the tournament will have a one-on-one showdown battle against THE BEAST.

This is an exciting moment for any Street Fighter fan out there in Kuwait to show their demonic aura and to personally lay the smack-down on Daigo Umehara by putting your fighting skills to the test against THE BEAST.

For more information please please follow Lucky Generation Gamers Facebook or visit their website HERE for future updates.

Dammit! I seriously need to go to Rehab Complex and get myself a new PS3 controller! Mine is worn out!!

Lucky Gamers Generation

—————————————————————-UPDATE: 2—————————————————————————————

Direct rules from K.O Staff to inform the crowd

1) – Cameras and any audio or video recording devices such as cell phones are not allowed in the main hall.
2) – Taking pictures and recording any type of audio or video during the exhibition of K.O is strictly prohibited and will result in leaving the exhibition’s main hall.
3) – Food is not allowed in the main hall and there will be 3 break times during the event.
4) – Upon losing your Entry Ticket please contact one of the staff and organizers as soon as possible.
5) – K.O staff will not be responsible of losing your Challenge Ticket. Please keep it in a safe place until your turn to play.
6) – There will be 50 available challenge tickets for the crowd to purchase between the 4th until the 25th of November at the White Tower, and 30 other challenge tickets to be purchased during the main event on Friday the 26th of November in Ahmad Tower reception hall.

If you have any questions or inquiries please contact the following people:

Event Coordinators:

احمد الأيوب – Ahmed Al Ayoub – 99079153 – e-mail – a.alayoub@gmail.com
معن الفرج – Maa`n Al Faraj – 66119180

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  1. Grendaizer is not infamous… You use the term “infamous” when something is famous for a bad reason. Actors are Famous, Gangsters are Infamous.

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