Control your Sex\Food pleasure by a CHIP PLANTED IN YOUR HEAD!?

I laughed when I read Engadget’s joke (I’ll quote it later on)…

Oxford Neurosurgery professor Tipu Aziz tried such device that simulate physical signals to the brain to increase sex and food pleasure… But the subject that tried such thing complained about being sex-supercharged constantly so they had to remove things…

That professor is predicting such device to be out in the future… So the Engadget’s joke was:

Sure, sure — but can you overclock it?

Click here to read the Engadget post.

6 thoughts on “Control your Sex\Food pleasure by a CHIP PLANTED IN YOUR HEAD!?

  1. I think it can be done be by computer human brain interface for handicap wheelchair movement

    only by thoughts and also they can talk by computer audio there is many application universities doing research on .

    but who need to control the sex and food only sick people who have problems on this my friend 🙂 .

  2. Mahbob:
    Yea I’ve heard\read about this… They experimented that on monkeys and maybe people…

    It’s just funny how “Can we overclock it” kicked in 😛

    I don’t need such thing… I have 7-inches pipe in my throat… That could cover the food pleasure 😛

  3. Man I was looking for this video to post it in my comment

    and this is one of the guys is using it

    by the way there is worst case than this guy where the guy can’t even talk and through another computer software using same interface he can !

    it is called BrainGate where chip implanted but what you are saying is reverse where the computer is controlling the brain but nothing is impossible .

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