Coffee Houses in Kuwait

Well, my friend decided to abandon Starbucks Mishref . And since he’s the leader of the Starbucks gang (not quite the leader… but he’s the reason we’re gathering there).

So I’m asking for a little help here, suggest a coffee house, its place and the reason for choosing it.Don’t just tell me like “Starbucks” without mentioning its place like “Mishrif” or “Jabriya”…

We don’t mind any suggestion or opinion, just point us to a good one with the reason of choosing it and we’ll consider it

Thanks alot =D

5 thoughts on “Coffee Houses in Kuwait

  1. coffee bean muthana : its empty and has a good view on hotel

    coffee bean kaifan : always crowded

    caribou raya : coolest people hang there

    caribou mojama3 ilba7ar in 7awaly : full of geeks

    second cup salmiya : kela lebanese 😀

    costa kaifan in jam3ia: not crowded

    colombus avenues : no reason

  2. caribou mojama3 ilba7ar in 7awali: doesn’t interest me that much… filled with “QuestNet” folks which i kinda hate… bohohooo…

  3. Chocolate barr
    there’s one in marina, one in avenues and one near dwar al bad3.

    Its full of girls 😛 and the cake there tastes so good

  4. which one is better? marina one (which i doubt)? avenues (might be a good place)? or dwar albad3?

  5. the marina one is on the seaside view, the dwar albada3 is also near the sea. all are good places, i myself went mostly to the avenues one because it was near the ma3had. I suggest choosing the one close to your home but its up to you 😀

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