Cloudy Kuwait strikes again!!!

Well, the air was nice (Not so damn cold! DAMN IT!!)… And the sky was cloudy…

That means one thing; PICTURE SNAPPING TIME!!!

Even though I sucked big time in this collection… I was trying new things in Adobe Lightroom…

You can find the rest in my Flickr Page and My Gallery

* My Flickr Page will only have what I consider’em “My Favorites”… The rest of the pictures would be in My Gallery
* If you checked My Gallery:Unsorted, you’ll see an interesting picture I took on my way to snap few shots at Plajat Street 😛

4 thoughts on “Cloudy Kuwait strikes again!!!

  1. clouds suck.. id rather it be sunny than having the “decoys” every now and then that make us think its gonna rain but nothing actually happens .. Damn! clouds

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