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A week ago I went to meet Loolykinns at a coffee shop to checkout his latest photo shoot works. He then handed me a photo album booklet that he recently got of a Kuwaiti printing company called Click O Print. After skimming through it quickly I couldn’t help but notice the quality on of photo album booklet. Loolykins then told me that in order for him to get the booklet to be printed he had to use a software in which he downloaded off the company’s website. Once he organized his photos to suite his needs all he had to do was send the file online of his organized photos to Click O Print and wait for them to take care of the rest.

It sounded really cool and I decided to examine Click O Print’s software and photo album more in-depth at home.

Availability of Software

After downloading the software from Click O Print main website I’m glad they had the software to be compatible both on Windows and Mac OSX. Unfortunately they don’t have one that’s compatible with Linux which would be awesome if they made one.

User Interface UI

At the very launch of the software I was automatically greeted with a wizard to help me pick on project I was going to work. It easily guided me on what project I wanted to work on and then I was launched to the actual software GUI. Right off the bat the UI of the software is super easy to use. It’s all drag and drop and choosing your photo style layout on how you wanted it to be.

The customization is made simple without any complexity to achieve the users goal in getting their photo layouts  to be done as quickly as possible without having to spend too much time in moving things around. For example it was easy for me to adjust and place some of my old drawings in the software.  If however the user feels that his or her photo placement needs to be in a certain position he or has the option to do so to customizing it manually. Once you’re done saving your project, you are only one click away to placing your photo album to be ordered and delivered from Click O Print online.

The Photo Album

The finished work of Loolykinns photo album looks great and feels great. My only problem with it is the exterior book cover. I don’t know why there is an additional cover covering the book. I don’t see it as need in a photo album booklet because it gives it that feeling of your holding a regular note pad instead of an photo album. Unless it’s users preference otherwise. Aside from that, the front cover of any personal photo album booklet should have a unique design rather than a plain back cover. Don’t get me wrong a regular back cover is great but there is always room to creating unique cuts on a cover of a photo album or changing the books spine to rings or binder rings. The more space you give to users to play with their creativity in designing their own photo album the more unique it will be.

The quality prints of the photos is for great for a low cost professional looking photo album. I can’t stress how vivid they look close hand in hand to one of the photos I printed off from my Photosmart HP printer. The only downside is the papers weight texture. It felt like regular paper and not enough weight to give it a more esteem pro feel to it. I assume that loolykinns placed his order to be printed on 150g paper but if it is the only paper that’s available; Click O Prints has to provide other types of photo paper weight like 240g version.


Click O Print does an amazing job in printing professional looking photo album books on the go at an affordable price. Like the one above Loolykinns only had to pay 19 KD for it and the delivery was free of charge. Be it may if you to use it in creating a business portfolio to showcase your work to clients or you simply want to use as personal memoir. The downside however is the lack in providing the user with the choice in creating a personalized exterior cover and to provide different spine design. Moreover lack of providing different type photo paper weight. Nonetheless the service that Click O Print provides is commendable for those who don’t want to pay a high priced professional looking photo album but would still want to get the exact if not similar quality you would get receive from a magazine printing house company.

Apparently, Click O Print has the option to change the type of cover to matt lamination. But then again, that’s a mistake I made myself…

8 out of 10

10 thoughts on “Click O Print Photobook Review

  1. great review. (+1 for knuckles)
    but this review left me wandering whether they do the printing here or they send it outside. It would be great to have a decent service like this here.

  2. It’s a home-based business… Which means the printers are either owned by Click O Print or they have a contract with another company to do the printing…

    I’m not quite sure though…

  3. Hello and thank you for a wonderful review. I wouldn’t have done a better job myself. I like to give a realistic review of the service rather than raise my customers hope and not meet their expectations 🙂

    So yes, we are a local brand an yes we print in Kuwait, 100% Kuwaiti product.

    I have to admit that the quality of the print highly depends on the quality of the photographs. Resolution and size play an important role here. Your photographs were really eye catching and create a beautiful collection.

    Right now, we do offer customizable cover for the above mentioned product (the cover of this sample was requested in solid black). Also, our popular 20×20 book has a fully customizable cover.

    The paper weight really depends on the product size. Imagine a 240 gms bound in an A5 size book. I tried it myself and it didn’t flip nicely. As the product size increases the paper thicknes increases as well. Our A3 photobook prints on 200 gms.

    As for the binding style, I have always wanted to offer different types of binding but was not sure how the market would react to it since we just started exactly 3 months ago 🙂 Wish us plenty of luck to make it out there.

    Again, thank you very much for this great review. And we look forward to see more of your creative work 🙂

  4. FAIL for not having a Linux version. If not, just release the source.

    Yes I’m being an open sourceaholic 😛

    1. +1

      This actual caught my attention, but since i read that their app doesn’t have Linux support i wasn’t that interested! I really do admire their work, but … i, for one, am not ready to change my OS just to use an app!

      And that was a really nice review! thanks 🙂

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