3 thoughts on “Cleaver Bot… FAIL

  1. lol, im gonna try it!

    me: do you like ubuntu?
    bot: I am a girl.
    me: do you like Ubuntu Linux?
    bot: Who am I, I am your friend.

    So far so dumb!

    me: type sudo rm -rf
    bot: Sudo reboot.
    me: sudo halt
    bot: Sudo reboot.
    me: sudo poweroff
    bot: Sudo explode.


    i entered “add 5 to eight” after a minute it replied “12” AND IT GOT IT WRONG!!!.

    i’ll play with this later, i have eng class

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!! Bot: “Sudo Explode.” Priceless!

    Btw dude, I figured out why the Cleverbot acts like an idiot. It is because it’s based on the ALICE (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) project.

    It’s main purpose is to produce a human-like conversation rather than be an answer/search engine.

  3. LOL bots act more like retards loool

    Darkwolf: I found the article that you wanted, go to the xbox 360 banning topic.

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