Cleaning my rooms!

Yes, mom finally snapped and forcefully forced me to start cleaning my room (Which makes me wonder if I’m still a teenager or not :P).

Anyway, while I was scrapping things, trashing stuff that I don’t want and gathering stuff somewhere in a group or something, I found some interesting things that I didn’t know about their existence (Well, sort of did, but lost their trace):

4 SATA Hard drives, 6 IDE Hard drives and 4 SATA Hard drives for laptops (One of’em is US Government UNCLASSIFIED thingy I bought off Friday Market for 2KD, no kidding)


You can see my gay pink iPad at the top left corner 😛
And yes, this is a camera I got from my old man (Dad). This camera is so awesome that you can see through the lens from the top!


And this is the camera’s leather-case.


This is ANOTHER camera which funny thing, it has binoculars xD
I saw it and was like WTF!?


And this is a shot from its back and you can see where they put the film; in that black box… Weird


And this is the camera’s box. Pretty leather-ish ofcourse.


You saw baby binoculars camera, here’s the papa one xD


Oooh, look! MS-DOS 3.2!!


So yea, apparently I inherited the photography and Microsoft passions from my old man…
Oh, did I mention that he had 2 Macintoshes which he handed them over to me? (I’m talking Apple IIe or something… THAT old).

And if someone has turntable, please let me borrow it for a while; I have old jazz records that I’d like to import’em to MP3 or whatever audio format!

Also, GH0S1_R33P0R will be so proud when he sees this picture:

7 thoughts on “Cleaning my rooms!

  1. Then ur 2nd task is to clean ur office from empty cookie boxes and ur 1 week undrank cup of coffee  or I will call ur mom 

  2. Dude, those old jazz records are precious… rip them to flac so that you have lossless quality that you can then tweak…

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