I just saw few lolcats going crazy when they saw this!! Atleast I did!!

scoochmaroo from INSTRUCTABLES wrote this tutorial on making one of dem cheezburger salads.

It’s not a salad where it has cheese and burger. No, it’s a salad that has mini cheezburgers in it (Meat + Cheese as one piece).

I’d like to quote something she wrote:

I mean, salad is ok, but it’s not very filling. Cheeseburgers are good, but they’re not very healthy. What’s a person to do?! The answer, once considered, is obvious. Marry the best of both worlds with this ultimate cheeseburger salad – the best thing to happen to salad since croutons and Baco-s* bacon bits.

Seriously guys, if I found a girl that’d make me such stuff, I’d marry her in the instant!! (Not in the instant, but I’ll work my way :P)


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