6 thoughts on “Cheap xBox360

  1. i dont really know… but why question something that’d work for alot of people? =P

  2. You seem to have misread the article:

    The upcoming 60GB unit will be sold at the current price of $349.99
    The existing 20GB unit is getting the $50 price cut, hence the new $299.99 price.

  3. oh… my bad… i’ll correct this,

    but still, i dont think i’d need that amount of storage

  4. you might actually, i know with the ps3 you do..
    but the ps3 is cool that way 😛
    and for 50 dollars, i dont think thats too much for an extra 40gb of space o.O

  5. its not bad to have both consoles… but its fugly to have xbox360 without having ps3!!

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