Chapter 3: The Chainsaw Bagar

“SOMEONE STOLE MY CHOCOLATE!!!” some lady inside the walking door wearing white lab coat yelled with bottle end thick glasses and metallic mask sitting on multi-wheeled chair yelled. “It wasn’t me I swear” a kid wearing a propeller hat answered. “CHICKEN STAAAARE!!!” the girl quickly said while staring at the kid like a chicken. The kid cried and yelled “OK ITS MEEE! I’M SORRY DON’T HIT ME”. He broke her heart so she handed the kid some coins to bring her chocolate.

“Oh you must be the guy who LOLs alot with Kinns. My name is Seita The Leikha”. Brain frozen there for a moment, that name rings a bell. I’ll just keep that bell ringing till someone gets annoyed and turn it off. And her “The” word sounds more like “Za”. When we shook hands Worrup KICKED ME and the Leikha lady pulled me inside that walking door. “He’s our only hope for now. Prepare him to defeat the chainsaw Bagar!” said Worrup as closing the door.

“Bagar? whats that?” I instantly said, “and whats with the yellow coat?” I resumed. “I don’t know I just made you wear it because I have no use of it” Worrup replied from behind the door as he resumed laughing. “Don’t pay attention to him, its useful” said Seita. “Really?” I replied. Seita quickly answered “no I’m just making fun of you”. What a disappointment.

She handed me a green box with clear envelop. “Whats that?” I asked. She answered “Irish Grass. Its what you’re going to use to defeat the Chainsaw Bagar. You only have to chew it and spit it at her, if you can of course”.

Now things are getting more weirder, Who’s the Chainsaw Bagar? and What does it have to do with everything in here? Whats that Irish Grass? Where am I? Where did that kid go? What kinda chocolate was it? Whats the percentage of the chocolate’s purism in the chocolate he’s bringing? What brand? What took him so long? and the most important question is, WHY THE HELL AM I STILL WEARING THIS YELLOW COAT?

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Green Box:

The Green Box

Clear Envelop:

The Clear Envelop

Irish Grass:

Irish Grass

The Chainsaw Bagar:

The Chainsaw Bagar

Seita The Leikha (Seita Za Leikha):

Seita The Leikha

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