Browse and download Skype (partially) in KUWAIT NOW without proxy nor VPN!!

Okay I was reading Ubuntu Geek’s post about adding skype repository, which is on their server! So I knew it’s useless unless if I’m gonna activate my VPN connecting each time i update (or uses a proxy server in other’s case)!! But then it hit me! I know how to block web sites in Linux(just like my in my blocking ads post), so i though it might be the same trick! And if they are not smart enough, they my plan will work!  AND IT WORKED! IT’S THE IPs!!!

Just like in linux, you can ban domains (which refers to the IP) or the IP itself! The chances are, ISPs banned only the domain! SO YES!  You can use the IP to go to their site and do whatever you want!!

Just to clarify things, I’m not subscribed to all ISPs!! So I am not sure if they all did the same minor mistake! So you need to test it and the result may change from ISP to another.

Currently the IP is

Look, I’m not sure if they are using static IPs or dynamic ones!! So this might change and not work later on!!

By this concept you might be able to view some os the blocked websites if the ISP did not block the IPs! but you need to get the IPs first! How i got it? I used ping after activating my VPN connection! But now i found this website that gives you the IP easily!

THE PROBLEM is that the download link will redirect to so it goes back to the BLOCKED PAGE!!! But i got something for you! here BUT BLOCKED!! here are some of the packages!



Mac OS X

OKAY! THAT TOOK ME MORE THAN EXPECTED, i though i wouldn’t make it!!!It turned out to be downloading from which has another IP (!!! So I got the links using VPN and then changed them to these IPs for you!!!

Since I got the download sub-domain IP address, i can now add Skype repository in Ubuntu (or OS that uses apt for that matter), here’s you have the way

  • Open a terminal and type: gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
  • Add at the end of the file: deb stable non-free then save and exit
  • Type in the terminal: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skype

This is one of my discoveries of which I’m really proud!!

20 thoughts on “Browse and download Skype (partially) in KUWAIT NOW without proxy nor VPN!!

  1. you should never specify ISP names when revealing workarounds -_-
    now you increased the chances that it’ll get blocked.

    Also, I find it hard to believe that any ISP is that shortsighted. after all it’s their domain. what i think happened is that it was done on purpose. that is, the ISP deliberately blocked domain resolution while allowing traffic to IPs. why?

    No ISP would want to limit access to the web (it’s bad for business). they block sites because they have to. (to comply with MOC)

  2. PLEASE PLEASE explain this further to me what do i dooooo 🙁 please. im an utter noobie and like need skype. 🙁

  3. thanks so much, I’ve downloaded skype but can’t seem to log in. i have a mac. can u help? I used your link for MAC to install.

    1. For some reason it suddenly stopped working for me under linux as well! It’s not the application problem as long as it’s installed! I from what I’m getting, it’s a server error; some thing is going wrong on Skype servers! All we can do now is wait till this get fixed! … that unless if the ministries enforced ISP’s to disable Skype ports so that there’s no way to be used!

      However, I don’t think they blocked it, so for now we’ll have to wait! And if it really got blocked, i’ll update the blog!

      Thanks for stopping by! 😀

      1. Just made a phone call with a friend through Skype. No problem from my side.

        FASTtelco here.

  4. I have read this about 100 times now, and because I have no understanding of computers what-so-ever, could you please simplify this for me. I have downloaded the installer, but like you said, it dls from the page. how do i bypass that. I’m using windows.
    thanks so much!

    1. Wow, 100 times, that’s amazing! Anyways, since you want the easiest way, then click the link provided in the first comment by EggMaster.

      Hope this helps. 🙂


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