Bring a piece of Knight Rider to your car

This goes to all Knight Rider fans (including a friend or two)

Seems like Mio decided to tease Knight Rider fanboys with pre-ordering the Knight Rider GPS…

All you need to do now is get the Knight Rider song, leather jacket, black car and wait for this baby to arrive at your door house… Then GO CRUIZE AROUND LIKE A KNIGHT RIDER!!!

For Knight Rider fanboys, Here’s the Engadget Link… And here’s the RadioShack link

2 thoughts on “Bring a piece of Knight Rider to your car

  1. I can’t wait. K.I.T.T. in my own car, I’m going to have to coolest Ford Tempo about. I already have some cool voices I got from but I think I will have to put my Mr. T and Kim Cattall to rest for a little bit because I need this device. Navtones are providing the voice of K.I.T.T. so you know it’s the real thing. The device looks great too. Like you said in your original post, the voice alone has sold me but Mio have done a great job making it look amazing and work really well.

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